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The slamming of Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections shifted the political tide in favor of Republicans, leading the GOP to seize the House of Representatives with strong support from the swelling Tea Party rank and file. With many voters becoming disenchanted with partisan politics and typical Washington political infighting, House Democrats are tailoring their message to reclaim what was lost in the upcoming election this November.

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Vice President Joe Biden confidently remarked at the annual House Democrats retreat on the Eastern Shore of Maryland that his party will be victorious come fall:

I really do think we’re going to win back the House, he told attendees of the retreat.

It appears that the campaign to win back the House is heating up, after CNN got an exclusive first look at the 18 candidates. Campaign chief and lead strategist for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Steve Israel unveiled his “Drive To 25” battle plan – named for the 25 seats needed to put the House back under the Democrats control.

In a briefing in Washington, Israel talked tough with the Democrats handpicked to take on the Republican incumbents:

We’re not interested in electing you to the minority — been there, done that. It sucks, said Israel earlier this week. It’s going to be razor-close, Israel said to the group. The people in this room are going to determine whether we’re on the north side of 25 or the south side of 25.

The plan is tied to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) “Red To Blue” program, which was initially created by its former lead man and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. The program has effectively looked at three-dozen Republican-held seats they believe Democrats can regain and will get an endorsement from the DCCC. The campaign is prepared to throw as many resources as it can behind their chosen few ahead of the fall election.

Naturally, Speaker of the House John Boehner has his doubts in the Democrats’ push, saying it will be “nearly impossible” for his party to lose the majority rule. President Barack Obama, often at odds with his own party, attempted to drum up support last Friday by speaking with House Democrats last Friday:

I believe in you guys. You guys have had my back through some very tough times, he said. I’m going to have your back as well, and together we’re going to move this country forward.


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