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Stop the Presses: Newt Gingrich has upset Mitt Romney in the GOP South Carolina primary.

After being neck-and-neck Saturday, the Beltway veteran won the expected evangelical Christian and Tea Party vote, but also pulled a rabbit out of his hat by winning the majority of female votes that were expected to go to Romney.

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Romney is of the Mormon faith, and his religion has frequently been deemed a political weakness in the predominantly Christian United States.  In light of that fact, the former governor of Massachusetts went into the SC race playing down expectations:

I said from the very beginning South Carolina is an uphill battle for a guy from Massachusetts,” he told reporters in Gilbert, South Carolina. We’re battling hard.

Time of death for the Gingrich campaign has been called on more than one occasion. In May of last year, when news exploded that he owed a six-figure tab at Tiffany & Co., his staff bailed on him after calling into question his discipline and penchant for heavy spending.  He fought back swinging, only to be outperformed by Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas), who has faded into the background since his “Niggerhead” controversy.

Recently in the news for stating that black Americans should be asking for “paychecks, not food stamps,” and fallaciously claiming that President Barack Obama was the “Food Stamp President,” Gingrich’s second ex-wife has also revealed to the media that he asked for an open marriage when he was discovered cheating with his now third wife.

With Ron “Let him die” Paul (R-Texas) still flailing about in the media tsunami  caused by racist newsletters he allegedly penned in the ’80s and ’90s, and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum‘s polarizing views never quite gaining traction, despite a jaw-dropping — and highly contested — win in the Iowa Caucus,  it seems as if Newt Gingrich may be the new-old voice of the GOP.

Still, with hair and smile firmly in place, Mitt Romney is brushing the expected SC lose off of his shoulders and looking to the upcoming battle in the Florida primary.

It may all be in vain, though. Bloomberg News reports that the winner of the South Carolina primary has gone on to win the Republican nomination since 1980.


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