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From NBC Miami: When Martin Luther King Jr. said he had a dream, this likely wasn’t what he meant. A flyer promoting a Miami strip club’s “I Have a Dream Bash” featuring MLK holding wads of cash next to scantily-clad women has its creator taking plenty of flack.

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Miami Beach graphic designer Jeffrey Darnell Paul says he didn’t realize the flyer, made for The Office strip club at 250 Northeast 183rd Street, would generate the controversy it has.

“I wasn’t trying to disrespect anybody…it wasn’t on my mind that it would escalate to something like this,” Paul told NBC Miami Monday. “It was just supposed to be a promotional thing, it wasn’t about disgracing Martin Luther King, it wasn’t about that.”

Paul, who owns and runs South Side Graphix, said he makes flyers for the club every Sunday and that he made the King flyer about a week ago for the club’s promoters.

Go to theGrio to get more info on the fallout behind the MLK flyer.


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