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It can be hard sometimes to find inspiration around you, especially when you’re just stuck in your old routines and need a change. There are many definitions of inspiration – that could include writing, general beauty, or just a change in your surroundings that makes you stop and think.

For example, sometimes sitting in a public space helps you run into interesting people that make you think about your life differently. I know I was on the train this morning and saw a man and his son dressed nearly the same way, down to the small hoop earring in their right ear. I was fascinated because the son was only around 9 years old and he was definitely growing up to become like his dad, even down to his band t-shirt and holding his iPod like a video game controller.

Seeing people and taking in what you see can sometimes trigger some intrigue in you. How do you gain inspiration in everyday life?

1. People-watch while out in public. As I said above, sometimes observing people can help you think introspectively about life and give you original ideas on how to change up your own life. I love seeing what books people are reading on the train, since it inspires me to become more of a literature buff. As well, I find it interesting to see what people are reading since people’s book choices can tell a lot about a person. Hearing music blasting through people’s headphones is also intriguing, as if you can sort of hear it, you’re getting a “glimpse” into their musical “life.” Any type of media outlet is interesting to observe these days – people try to block out others with these devices, yet they’re still inviting you in with their loud music or book cover.

2. Listen to music and just think. Sometimes music has a way of getting to your deepest emotions and makes opening up to new experiences easier. Perhaps a lyric strikes a chord with you or a certain beat gives you confidence. Music works in mysterious ways, so listen to whatever makes you escape, helps you get to the heart of a matter, or basically just relaxes you. Inspiration may be just around the corner from that melody.

3. Do yoga or anything that gives you time to unwind. Sometimes simply jogging around the block or doing yoga in the park with your friends can be just the inspiration you need to unwind, not think about anything, and gather yourself in a way nothing else can do for you. Exercise is a powerful way to just bring you into the moment and clear your head, therefore, it’s the perfect place to gather inspiration and insights.

4. Enjoy nature. Go outside and take a walk. Maybe if you take your dog out or just enjoy the scenery around you by yourself, you’ll find some time to think about life. It’s easier to appreciate life when you’re surrounded by it and breathing in the air around you. Not being inside can sometimes be beneficial to the psyche and give you a sanity you might not otherwise gain.

5. Think about other parts of the world and the different ways of life. What if you lived in England, Cambodia, or Australia, for example. What would your life be like? If you try to put yourself in other people’s shoes or try to abstractly think about the world in terms of various cultures, it can be eye-opening. However, you’re always thinking from a biased perspective of your own life, therefore it’s safe to say that your view of the world is different than the person sitting next to you. It’s a complicated inspiration, but it makes life more interesting to think in terms of others.

Inspiration comes in different forms and it’s important to remember that depending on what you like to do to unwind and think, there could be many other activities to stimulate your thought process. However, relaxing and putting aside any worries is a good start and helps to create introspection that might not otherwise be there. Putting yourself and your thoughts out there is a good way to make life more interesting. So, get out there and change up your routine for the better – get inspired!

Sometimes it’s hard to get moving in life because nothing is changing. How do you get inspiration from every day life and learn to have different points of view?

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