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Can you imagine if, instead of being a preacher, Reverend Wright was a member of a radical political party that planned to secede from the USA? What if he called military bases in the U.S. ‘occupation troops’ and said he wanted Chicago to become an independent state? What if Reverend Wright said that Obama was a disciple of his who had ‘infiltrated’ the Democratic party? What if Obama addressed Reverend Wright’s party just this year saying he shared their vision?

Well, Sarah Palin is a former member of the Alaskan Independence Party. The party’s motto is ‘Alaska First’ and its platform is for Alaska to secede from the Union and give the land to people and state of Alaska. The party has previously tried to join Canada and has been linked to white supremacists with similar secessionist agendas.

Its Vice Chairman, Dexter Clark has called the US Federal government ‘just plain a monster’ and said that ‘we don’t say we are Americans, we say we are Alaskans.’ Sounds an awful like hating America or not being proud to be an American. You listening Hannity and O’Reilly?

Dexter Clark would praise his former friend, Sarah Palin, saying she was a registered member of the AKIP before switching to the GOP to become ‘viable.’ He would go on to talk about the need for members to ‘infiltrate’ other political parties and talk about how she was ‘pretty well sympathetic to her former membership.’

Given that Palin loves America so much, shouldn’t she have renounced Clark in the same manner that Obama renounced Reverend Wright? Seeing how America is a such a great country, wouldn’t she condemn anyone who would dare think of leaving our wonderful union?

Nope. Just this year she recorded an address to the AKIP, saying ‘I share your vision of upholding the constitution of our great state…’; ‘we have a great promise to be a self sufficient state’ and ‘keep up the good work.’

Is it possible that Sarah Palin is a sleeper cell AKIP member who is seeking power to give power and freedom to her great state of Alaska? If America is such a wonderful place that anyone who criticizes it is ‘unpatriotic,’ why would anyone want their state to succeed from the USA? That’s more radical than anything Reverend Wright has ever said.