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New World Music artist Brian Courtney Wilson “All I  Need ” points at the fact that  all the things in our life are  the simple. We need  prayer. We live in a world that sends confusing messages every day and makes us struggle and fall.   It is when we get up from those falls that  we are stronger. Learning that sometimes we need to step out on faith is usually the hardest thing that any of us must to do.  I know that we all have heard that time and time again. It is our life that makes it the best possible.

The lyrics:No one else can do the things you do/ Take the wrong in my life and make it right/

All I need is a touch from you

How can you not take courage with words like that. Anything is possible

Brian Courtney Wilson is inspirational man who took the jump..” Wilson, a University of Illinois graduate, began singing formally in the university’s black chorus, then continued singing on his own time while working as a pharmaceutical salesman for seven years. Then, in a leap of faith, he walked away from his job and became the music director at St. John’s Downtown Church in Houston, where he was mentored by and became friends with Rudy Rasmus.

All things can be done if you just believe!

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