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Spring is here. May our souls blossom with the flowers. It’s time to shed our protective winter coats and step into the vibrant colors of the new season. You can celebrate and honor the spring in many ways. Friends and family will assist us in transitioning from the doldrums of winter to the fresh excitement of the spring.

If you’re having difficulty adjusting to the new season, do not fret. This winter was intense and some of us may need a moment to reflect. But don’t take too long; the joyous vibe of spring awaits.

We are learning many things about ourselves at this moment. We may have realizations and epiphanies about our emotional lives that drive us deeper into our self-discovery. Although most of our discoveries may have felt harsh, the coin has flipped and our revelations will soon feel like blessings.

To read how to begin blossoming out of winter into spring  got to Uptown   here

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