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Do you become anxious on Sunday nights because Monday morning is only a few hours away? Do you dread going to your job each day like many people across the country?  Well… you do have choices, Change YOU or Change IT. The choice is yours!

Yes, being employed is a blessing however at what cost? Here are 5 options for you when you hate your job. Check the out!

1.  Do nothing. Stoically endure the situation. Choose the status quo, electing to stay miserable rather than try to be happy. Elect to do meaningless work instead of meaningful work. This is not change of any kind.

2. Find another job. Leave the offending employer and seek a new environment. It’s risky, as you never know how the new job will turn out and if the new employer will be any different from the old one. But it is changing It in its purest form. And if things are bad enough, it is worth a shot.

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3. Alter your attitude toward the company. Try to find new and better ways of interacting with coworkers. Mentally readjust and try to make peace with It. That’s changing You.

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