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Okay ladies, we all know that as we get older there are some things to look forward to, and some things we dread. One of those things being menopause and that horrible word: hot flashes. Now, if you’ve ever been around a woman experiencing a hot flash, you know that it is definitely not a pleasant sight, and you best steer clear until the flash passes and all hell is returned to normal. Although hot flashes seem like a curse, a recent study has actually proven that there is some benefit to having hot flashes. Who knew?

According to the Associated Press, 60,000 women were surveyed and among the women who have hot flashes at the start of menopause rather than later seemed to have a lower risk of heart attacks and death, in comparsion to women who don’t have hot flashes at all or women who have them later in life. Among the group of women surveyed that had hot flashes later in life, there were more cases of heart attacks and death.

Studies actually linked having hot flashes with having high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which also can lead to a higher risk of heart problems. Interesting.

“The results suggest there may be a positive side to having these annoying symptoms”, Dr. Emily Szmuilowicz, an endocrinologist with Northwestern University’s medical school said.

The study was released in the journal Menopause online this past Thursday.

Check out the full research study here.

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