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It seems like our favorite shows and channels have painted a scary picture of black women that America is liking…Loud, Confrontational and Dramatic.  Are we?  And why when there’s 2 or more of us, its a big mess?  Why is that?

The upcoming Donald Trump show, “Celebrity Apprentice” that premieres next month(March 6) features the female contestants LaToya Jackson, Star Jones and NeNe Leaks from the Real Housewives of Atlanta who happen to be black.  There’s already some pre-hype from the show highlighting major drama and cattiness between Nene Leaks and former “View” host and attorney, Star Jones.

Both have gone on record and given their take on the feud.  According to a recent AOL Black Voices interview with Jawn Murray, Ms. Jones commented on the situation.

She stated,

This actually saddens me. Black women trashing other black women all for the sake of personal aggrandizement.When the cast was first announced, I was both excited and concerned. Excited that this was going to be the most diverse cast in prime-time reality programming and concerned because the media immediately started the drumroll of “can this many black women get along?” The four of us actually chatted about the unique opportunity we had to influence the perception of black women and the way we interact. We each brought something different to the show, so I had hoped we could avoid falling into the typical “snake charmer in your face loud bombastic black woman” stereotypical box that was expected. Some of us were more successful at our quest than others. I knew I wanted to approach the game intelligently, professionally and strategically, while keeping in mind my true purpose for being there – winning money for my charity.”

The Real Housewives reality star went on record during an interview with NBC’s Today Show and expressed her feelings towards Star and said,

“The whole sneaky, back stabbing, forming alliances, I just don’t like…she may have a new body, but she doesn’t have a new brain. You still think the same even though you lose weight so I don’t know.”

Was all of this necessary?  No matter what side you’re on Team Star or Team Nene, it saddens me that the media got wind of another feud amongst two black women and revealed the negative side of them bickering.  Could their disagreement and/or mis-communication been dealt with different?  Privately?

Since coming on the scene a few years ago, it appears as if Mrs. Leaks likes Drama. But is she “keeping it real” or just making noise to get attention at any cost?  We all know it takes two to tangle and three sides to every story but what’s your opinion on Star Jones vs. Nene Leaks? Is it Ego, Pride or just Disrespect between the two?  What’s your thoughts?  We’d love to hear what you think? Hit us back.

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