The Baltimore Ravens safety had spent a fitful 48 hours worrying  about  his missing younger brother, Brian.

The latter disappeared Friday sometime after 10 p.m. under the cold waters of the Mississippi River after leaping off a bridge with a deputy sheriff in hot pursuit for reasons his older brother isn’t yet quite sure about.

“We wanted to give him three hours of peace,” admitted teammate Terrell Suggs, knowing there won’t be peace for the Reed family until Brian either miraculously reappears or is dredged up. The sheriff’s department called off a search for him yesterday morning after the officer on the scene said he’d seen Brian’s hands and head appear above water once, then go down without another trace.

With so much pain closing in on him, Reed boarded the team plane to Kansas City on Saturday after speaking to his family and told Ravens coach John Harbaugh he could be counted on yesterday.

“There wasn’t anything more he could do to help his family in Louisiana,” Harbaugh explained late yesterday afternoon. “He could still help his other family here.”

“Being around my second family, them giving me strength and just being teammates helped me focus,” Reed said as he nervously squeezed and loosened his hand around a football held at his waist. It was a ball he’d been awarded minutes earlier as a balm for his family from his other family.

“What the Reed family is going through was a big part of this victory,” Harbaugh said. “The Reed family is part of the Ravens family. For Ed to do what he did, to lead the way he did, was just incredible

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