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No sir buddy, that honor belongs to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, whose most recent feat was a 28-point fourth-quarter comeback against the New York Giants, as far as NY Times writer William C. Rhoden is concerned:

“Brady is the familiar pocket passer, the most consistent we have ever seen. On the other hand, no quarterback in recent N.F.L. history has leveraged the double threat like Vick.”

Rhoden argues that Brady also enjoys an advantage on the field because officials protect him:

“Vick is on the ground, throwing, running, throwing on the run, taking several hard shots a game as a matter of course. Defensive players who even think about putting hits on Brady will be flagged – and financially flogged – by the N.F.L.”

Hmm, interesting assessment. And to be honest, we couldn’t agree more. Read the FULL NY Times article HERE.