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Chicago — Four young men will go on trial beginning next month over the 2009 videotaped beating death of a Chicago high school student that was viewed globally and led to promised reforms from official Washington.

Unlike the guilty verdict delivered on Wednesday for a 15-year-old boy tried as a juvenile for murdering Fenger High School student Derrion Albert, the first of four more defendants will be tried as adults, starting on January 7, a prosecutor’s office spokesman said on Thursday.

The convicted 15-year-old faces a likely sentence of a term in juvenile prison until he turns age 21 for throwing a punch to Albert’s jaw and sending him face-down into the pavement where he was beaten and kicked.

Albert joined a melee in the street between warring factions at the school, and the video showed him being struck in the back of the head by a wooden board, then punched, beaten, and jumped on.

A Cook County jury deliberated just half an hour before delivering the verdict, which prompted a wail from the defendant’s aunt and a modicum of satisfaction to Albert’s mother and grandfather.

“We still have four more (trials) to go,” Albert’s grandfather, Norman Golliday, told reporters.

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