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Baltimore City councilwoman Helen Holton decided to take the plea deal in the City Hall corruption case. The agreement with prosecutors will eliminate the charges of campaign finance irregularity and she will instead be ordered to pay a fine, of $2,500 and to be placed on unsupervised probation.

Under this agreement, one charge of inappropriate campaign financing was dropped. Basically the councilwoman does not dispute the facts against her but did not plead guilty.

“It’s over,” Holton told reporters. “Today ends this case. I will continue to serve on the City Council and to serve my community to the best of my ability, to help make Baltimore City a safer, healthier and more prosperous city.”

Along with that $2,500 fine, Holton will be placed on one-year unsupervised probation. Because her plea was to a misdemeanor charge, she will remain on the City Council.

The case begins with Holton’s 2007 run for re-election and her soliciting of more than $12,000 from developers John Paterakis and Ronald Lipscomb. Their contributions exceeded the $4,000 limit individuals may give a candidate, prompting the charges.

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