Via Animal keepers at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore say they are very hopeful that young elephant, Samson can survive a deadly virus.  Zoo Keepers say they noticed something was wrong this passed February when the elephant was acting lethargic.  They began to treat hit for a deadly version of the herpes virus. Read […]

Baltimore rapper Caddy Da Don grew up on the east side of the city and claims an amazing amount of hometown pride for the place of undiscovered story-tellers.  With abandoned buildings and crowded corners in abundance, Caddy found himself drawn to a lavish lifestyle of money, cars, women and business attainable by only the toughest on the streets.  In […]

Black Pro-Lifers Should Stop the Scare Tactics Date: Wednesday, March 03, 2010 By: Tonyaa Weathersbee On one level, Catherine Davis is right. Davis, who serves as minority outreach director for Georgia Right to Life, recently told the Los Angeles Times that too many black women’s pregnancies end in abortion. According to the Centers for Disease […]