Paul Robeson

Actor and activist Harry Belafonte recently sat down with Roland Martin for an exclusive interview to discuss his upcoming social justice music festival Many Rivers To Cross, his views about Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest, and the fight for social justice. During the course of their chat, Mr. Belafonte explained what it means to be […]

(1898 – 1976) Paul Robeson  (The Whole World In His Hands)  “I feel closer to my country than ever. There is no longer a feeling of lonesome isolation. Instead–peace. I return without fearing prejudice that once bothered me . . . for I know that people practice cruel bigotry in their ignorance, not maliciously.”  

Paul Robeson, actor ,singer, athlete, minister, and activist, was born in Princeton, NJ, on April 9,1898.The famous actor graduated from Rutgers University, became a Presbyterian  minister, and obtained a law degree from Columbia University. (April 9,1898 – January 23,1976) TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PERSON VISIT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY.