Mitt Romney

President Obama’s re-election bid is increasingly becoming a hard fought battle as Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Herman Cain are either winning or are neck and neck with the current president in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll released Friday. See also: Joe Biden Warns Congressional GOP Against Stalling Obama’s Jobs Plan See […]

Priorities USA Action, a political action committee started by two former Obama aides, is launching a $100,000 campaign against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The smear campaign, which includes a ramped up Facebook presence and web advertising, features a well-produced web video aimed squarely at Romney. See also: Mitt Romney ‘Has No Core’ Omni Shoreham Hotel […]

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has now catapulted himself to the top of the GOP field. According to the latest CBS/NY Times poll, Cain now leads former frontrunner for the GOP nomination Mitt Romney by 4 percentage points. Close to 1700 people were sampled for this poll and 455 said they planned to vote in […]

Black Mormons, a group whose political views are shaped by both its religious and racial considerations, are weighing their support for various candidates in the 2012 presidential election. There is no clear consensus as Black Mormons consider re-electing President Obama beacuse he’s black and Mitt Romney because he’s a Mormon. Political views among African-American Latter-Day […]

An NBC News/ Marist Poll has the pizza magnate  turned Presidential hopeful with a four-percentage point lead against Mitt Romney. In Florida, the two are in a statistical dead heat. In South Carolina, it looks like it shaping up to be a two-way race between Romney and Cain. Cain got 30% and Romney got 26% […]

A new poll from TIME shows President Barack Obama with leads over his possible GOP opponents for the 2012 Presidential Election. The poll shows Obama with a three point lead over Mitt Romney and a 12 points leads over Rick Perry and Herman Cain. Obama Raises $70 Million For Reelection In 3rd Quarter TIME reports: […]

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the Republican presidential campaign earlier this week, taking shots at GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney. Limbaugh lambasted the former Massachusetts governor  telling his radio audience,  “Romney is not a conservative. He’s not, folks.” He continued his assault attacking Romney’s gubernatorial record and his positions on healthcare and the […]

Black Tea Party candidate Herman Cain is on the rise as new poll numbers show a three-way race for the Republican presidential nomination. According to the latest Gallup poll, Cain’s support has jumped to 18 percent, trailing closely behind Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney who came in at 20 percent of the poll conducted Oct. 3-7. […]

Roland Martin joins Leslie Sanchez and Wolf Blitzer in The Situation Room to discuss GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney being heckled during a recent campaign stop.

WASHINGTON–The 2012 presidential election is slowly catching steam as candidates prepare their plans of attack. President Obama has reportedly set his sights on the former Republican governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. According to reports, the Obama camapign is actively planning its “Kill Romney” plan, an effort to destroy Romney’s reputation with ferocious personal assaults. Romney, who is […]