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Steaks on the Grill

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Steakhouses are considered one of the finest dining experiences one can have, and an elite establishment will definitely cost some heavy coin. However, a spot in Philadelphia, Steak 48, reportedly demands a $100 minimum per person, promoting Twitter to ask some pertinent questions.

On Twitter, the news of Steak 48’s $100 minimum has sparked all of the necessary discussion and plenty of hilarious replies to boot. The steakhouse is part of a family-run chain out of Scottsdale, Ariz., with locations in Chicago and Houston.

To Steak 48’s credit, the restaurant comes with rave reviews and an award-winning staff of chefs and cooks behind the scenes. According to reports and reviews, the average meal per person runs about $120 so perhaps the minimum isn’t as big of a deal as some might believe.

Folks on Twitter also took notice of Steak 48’s dress code as well, saying that it seems as if the owners are sending a signal that they don’t want a particular crowd dining with them. This prompted some on the social media network to dissect Steak 48’s menu items, including one humourous tweet remarking that the restaurant uses Velveeta in their macaroni and cheese dish.

Still, the idea that a person needs to slap down a Benjamin Franklin on the low end just to get service seems to be rubbing folks the right way. Of course, there’s a contingent of folks who feel like the practice is a way to gouge folks’ pockets but this could also be a protective measure to ensure operating costs are met by the owners.

Either way, Steak 48 is getting the business and we’ve got the reactions below.

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