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President Donald Trump is still holding out hope that the election results he claims are fraudulent will be overturned despite folks from his own side saying that he lost fair and square. During an MSNBC broadcast that showcased the former business mogul trying to mansplain how the election was rigged, Leslie Jones offered some hilarious commentary as only she can.

Via Twitter, Jones posted the broadcast from her viewing vantage point, all while expressing her disdain for the president with the proper venom needed.

“You know how say you look? You stupid f*cking child,” Jones begins. “You up here with a chart that you can’t even read. He can’t even the chart. He don’t know what the f*ck that chart says.”

She continued saying, “Can we cut off access to other countries from seeing this type of sh*t? This is f*cking embarrassing.”

Jones also kept her camera rolling for more hilarious insights while watching MSNBC, winning the adoration of fans worldwide for her running and biting commentary.

Leslie Jones’ mini-rant against the outgoing president garnered the right responses from others who feel equally embarrassed. We’ve got that video and those responses listed out below.

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