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It’s not a secret that y’alls’ trifflin’ President loves to attack intelligent, successful and influential Black women on Twitter. Our newest queen caught in his lame crosshairs is Joy-Ann Reid, the host of MSNBC’s popular weekend morning show, AM JOY.

Apparently, after nearly two years of being in office and her dragging him on her highly-rated show, Trump must have JUST found out who the award-winning journalist was, because on Saturday, after referring to himself as a “stable genius,” he lashed out on her.

“Who the hell is Joy-Ann Reid? Never met her, she knows ZERO about me, has NO talent, and truly doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor needed for success in showbiz,” the leader of the Free World tweeted.

Adding, “Had a bad reputation, and now works for the Comcast/NBC losers making up phony stories about me. Low Ratings. Fake News!”

Low ratings? No talent? NO IT FACTOR???

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So what got Trump to act like someone stole his big wheel so early this morning?

Apparently, as she guest-hosted on the Friday night edition of All in With Chris Hayes, she mocked him misspelling his own VP’s name wrong (“Mike Pounce”) said he “went on to treat the gathered Republicans to some smoking hot beauty tips” which included how to make the lightbulbs make him look less orange, The Hill reported.


She also said that he sounded “like a desperate man” when he said “whether you like me or not it makes no difference because our country will go to Hell if any of these people get in.”

Take a look:


Well, when Black Twitter saw the President’s rant, their response was clear:

They dragged #45 by his toupee all morning. Here’s what some of them said:

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