LIBYA-Former Georgia congresswoman and Green Party presidential nominee, Cynthia McKinney blasted President Barack Obama for his involvement in the bombing of Libya and his economic policies on a pro-Khaddafi television station. CNN reports: “I want to say categorically and very clearly that these policies of war … are not what the people of the United […]

WASHINGTON– Rodney J. McIntyre, 45, has been charged with the rape and murder of his 17-year-old daughter, Ebony Franklin, after police revealed that the father’s semen was found in the girl’s body.

The jobless rate is a topic that is not only weighing on the minds of many African-Americans, but with Black scholars and politicians across the country too. But despite the fact that the jobless rate is something affecting all, many Blacks have to deal with discriminatory hiring practices as well. With this as an issue, […]

In a country where Black men face their highest unemployment rates since 1972, Black men are finding it tough to cope with the idea of not being able to not only provide for themselves, but their families as well. Even as the economy improved last month, the percentage of black males over 20 who are […]

A new study by researchers at Tufts University and Harvard Business School shows that whites believe they are victims of racism more often than Blacks. While that may elicit a raised eyebrow from most people, the title of the study “Whites See Racism as a Zero-sum Game that They Are Now Losing,” shows that many […]

Affirmation For Today: Today I Am Able To Deal With Anything Calmly An affirmation is a great way to start training your mind toward a positive way of thinking.  Coupled with other positive thinking exercises, a positive affirmation will help you overcome any obstacle that is put in front of you.  The object of these […]

 Charles Edmund Nash, the first Black Congressman from Louisiana, was born on May 23,1844. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PERSON VISIT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY.

NEW YORK — Donald Trump said he is unhappy with the state of the Republican presidential primary field and is signaling that he may be once again be interested in making a presidential run, in an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning. “The ones that have announced, I just don’t see it,” he […]

SAUDI ARABIA- A Saudi woman was arrested for defying the ban on female drivers after she posted a Youtube video of herself driving in protest of the outrageous law. Manal al-Sharif, 32, tools around the city of Khobar in a video posted on YouTube that’s now been seen by some 600,000 fans. Sharif was busted […]

MIAMI-After the Miami Heat defeated the Chicago Bulls last night, Bulls Center, Joakim Noah told a fan “F*** you F***word(homophobic slur).” Kobe Bryant was previously fined $100,000 for using the word about a referee whose call he disagreed with. RELATED STORIES NBA Fines Kobe Bryant $100K For Calling Ref A “F****t” Writer Slams LeBron For […]