NEW YORK– Al Qaeda released a statement on jihadist web forums Friday threatening to retaliate against the United States over the death of Osama Bin Laden, according to SITE Intelligence Group.

Teaching your children values will help them make good choices in their lives. Today’s world is ever changing and very fast paced. In years past children grew up in a small community or with just their families and their challenges were much different. 1. What are your values? Teaching values to our children must start […]

Working at home takes a certain set of personality traits. So any moms ¬†considering a work at home endeavor should take a good look at their own personality before getting started working at home.Here are three traits you must have to be a successful work at home mom: Be Organized: Most companies have built-in organization […]

Does your Mom need some pampering for Mother’s Day?¬† Pampering your mother will nurture her overall well-being toward optimum health. Here are 4 Mother’s Day pampering gift ideas with healthy benefits. Affirmation For Mothers: I Am Fulfilling The Greatest Calling In The Universe 1. Manicure: Letting Mom relax while her nails are buffed and polished […]

SOUTH CAROLINA — Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather Pizza has won last night’s Fox News GOP Presidential debate which included Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty according to a Fox News focus group. National Journal reports: An African-American newcomer who brags about his lack of Washington experience bests a field of more seasoned pols. […]

Tim Brown was ready to retire from the NFL at the age of 30. He had abandoned his Christian upbringing to the point that he literally couldn’t look himself in the mirror any longer, causing him to brush his teeth in the dark. What Am I Really Doing With My Life? According to the Times […]

Today, many people will be rushing around buying last minute items for Mother’s Day Sunday. Children will be making cards in school, and husbands will be purchasing gifts. Have you ever wondered how it was created? Most of us attribute the greatest thing sin our lives to our Mothers. Read: 8 Things Mom Told You […]

Ron Paul is back in the hunt for the Presidency. Many see him as an appealing candidate, one who opposes the wars, wants drugs legalized and supports fiscal responsibility. What they don’t know, is his long history of racism and connection to white supremacists. He has dodged questions on his connections to white supremacists and […]

NEW YORK– A man who was heard saying saying “Secret Service is coming through,” as he walked towards President Obama’s ceremony at Ground Zero today was detained by New York Police officers for “suspicious activity”.

Mother’s Day invokes fond memories and passionate thoughts. You recall all the great times that you and your mother spent together. If you were blessed enough to have one count your blessings. If your mother is still with you count them even more. 1. If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? I […]