Put down the top ramen. It doesn't cost much to make a meal that tastes top dollar.

After former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about the rise of racially charged events that have occurred over the past few years in an upcoming interview, many on right-wing Twitter are lashing out.

More than a week after Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd, the convicted former Minneapolis police officer filed a motion for a new trial and alleged there was jury misconduct.

Scott, who is Black, claimed that progressives have called him names like "Uncle Tom" and the "N Word" but then goes on to say America isn't a racist country.

Wednesday's search adds to a tallying roll of Giuliani's public fall from grace, which has rapidly fallen over the last six months.

Fabulous and questionable fashions from our favorite celebrities like Halle Berry, Zendaya, Laura Dern, Resse Witherspoon, and Viola Davis. We saw some amazing and some questionable choices for the 2021 Academy Award show.

We’ve compiled 10 celebrity and minority owned Cannabis brands that we feel you should know about and support if given the chance.

The former secretary of HUD and noted conservative was a guest on CNBC's Squawk Box program over the weekend.

The New York Post is getting slammed on Twitter after publishing a story on the homes DMX lost during his career, just as the rapper is still battling for his life.

The newly hired men's basketball coach made history as the program's first Black head coach, but his Tuesday press conference left after he proclaimed he was "proud" to have a white wife.