Investigators believe a 17-year-old shot on Tuesday was targeted.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is 85% effective against severe illness and is the first single-dose vaccine.

The tests will be offered whether or not someone is showing symptoms of the virus in an effort to provide early detection of possible cases.

In some areas, 1.5 million cicadas could emerge from the ground per acre as part of a 17-year cycle.

Royal Farms is working overtime to keep its employees and customers safe.

It's the latest mass vaccination site to open in the state. 

This warning comes one day after Gov. Larry Hogan announced the Brazil variant was discovered in a Maryland adult over the age of 65 who has died.

Many states have already legalized or decriminalized possession.

Aid is coming to thousands of Marylanders struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Smith said it was one of the scariest nights he's ever been apart of.