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Residents of Jackson were delivered another setback as the city struggles to rebuild its troubled water system. The post Latest Jackson Water Crisis Unfolds As Bacteria Contaminates Mississippi Capital City’s Supply appeared first on NewsOne.

Climate & Environment

The prosecutorial investigation into Michigan’s deadly environmental disaster known as the Flint Water Crisis is being unceremoniously “closed” without holding anyone criminally responsible. The post Flint Water Crisis Case ‘Closed’ Without Any Criminal Accountability For Poisoning Black City appeared first on NewsOne.

As Hurricane Ian reaches Florida, remember who suffers the most. The destruction from hurricanes is never equally distributed. The post Hurricanes ‘Disproportionately’ Harm Black Neighborhoods–It’s Because Of Environmental Racism appeared first on NewsOne.

Climate & Environment

The EPA is opening a new office that it says will double down on environmental justice efforts and pledged billions of dollars to neglected communities. The post EPA’s New Environmental Justice Office Pledges ‘Billions’ For ‘Those Who Need It The Most appeared first on NewsOne.

As part of her mandate in the Department of the Interior, Haaland is committed to leveraging the funding outlined in the bipartisan infrastructure bill to help clean up legacy pollution.

Around the region, people are filling in the gap to meet the overwhelming need of the moment.  

A pair of Facebook Live videos filmed by Kyanna Parsons-Perez showed the extent of what candle factory workers experienced in Mayfield, Kentucky when a tornado hit. But they also showed the heroic role the Black woman played during the extreme weather event.

President Biden attending the COP25 United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow is drawing attention to the myriad ways global warming directly affects Black people.

Several groups across the region are providing support to residents within the path of the storm. Residents and volunteers are urged to use caution in providing or seeking assistance as severe conditions persist.

Senior Advisor to the president, Cedric Richmond, said the bipartisan infrastructure framework was designed to address issues disproportionately impacting Black and other communities of color.