Civil Rights & Social Justice

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The U.S. Department of Justice launched a civil pattern or practice investigation into Trenton, New Jersey, and its police department. You can’t reform this, but Kristen Clarke is trying. The post DOJ Investigating Possible ‘Systemic’ Civil Rights Violations By NJ Cops And Mostly Black City They Serve appeared first on NewsOne.

A video shows a fight on an NYC subway train the ended in one man being put in a chokehold. It was compared to Jordan Neely and Daniel Penny, but it's not the same. The post Video Of Man Put In Chokehold During Subway Fight Draws Comparisons To Jordan Neely appeared first on NewsOne.

Angelo Black suffered brain damage after a Gwinnett cop tasered him in "midair" and he landed on his head, a federal lawsuit claims. The post Cop Tasing Black Man ‘Midair’ Caused Brain Damage, Federal Lawsuit Accuses Georgia Police appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A judge ruled in the kidnapping hoax case. The post Does Carlee Russell Really Deserve To Be Locked Up? Judge Recommends Jail For Kidnapping Hoax appeared first on NewsOne.

The Department of Justice has recommended a criminal investigation of the Colorado Springs police over brutalizing Dalvin Gadson, a Black and unhoused veteran. The post DOJ Criminally Investigating Colorado Cops Who Laughed About Brutally Beating Unhoused Black Veteran appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Two white men are only charged with misdemeanors in Minnesota for allegedly beating Michelle Folson, a Black woman, so bad she has a brain injury. The post White Men Face Only Misdemeanor After Giving ‘Brain Injury’ To Black Woman They Brutally Beat In Minnesota appeared first on NewsOne.

Environmental racism is defined as environmental injustice that occurs within a racialized context both in practice and policy. The post Environmental Racism: How Racist Policies Around Climate Affect Black People appeared first on NewsOne.

A "Karen" video shows a woman pretending to cry while calling the cops on Alonzo Harmon, a Black man, because he wa working as an HVAC technician. The post Video Shows Krying ‘Karen’ Kustomer Calling Cops On Black HVAC Tech For Doing His Job appeared first on NewsOne.

A federal appeals court blocked the Fearless Fund from continuing to help the Black women and women of color who are business owners.  The post Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Blocks Fearless Fund From Exclusively Serving Black Women Entrepreneurs appeared first on NewsOne.

Mike Huckabee said trump's indictments mean 2024 is "going to be the last American election decided by ballots rather than bullets.” The post Mike Huckabee, Republicans Threaten ‘Civil War’ Over Trump Indictments, 2024 Election appeared first on NewsOne.