Civil Rights & Social Justice

Police say Johnny Hollman was at fault regarding the minor accident, but Hollman appears to disagree and he refused to sign the citation. The post 62-Year-Old Black Man Dies In Custody After Telling Atlanta Officer Who Tased Him, ‘I Can’t Breathe’ appeared first on NewsOne.

A series of "Karen" videos showing women weaponizing their whiteness against Black people underscore why racial profiling stories still matter so much. The post 3 ‘Karens’ And A ‘Karen’ Cop: These Viral Videos Show Why Racial Profiling Reports Still Matter appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Marcus Arbery, Ahmaud Arbery's father, thinks the prosecution of an ex-DA indicted for allegedly protecting his son's killers is being delayed on purpose. The post Ahmaud Arbery’s Father Thinks Case Against Ex-DA Accused Of Protecting Killers Is Delayed On Purpose appeared first on NewsOne.

Philadelphia pastor Phillip Fisher Jr., a Black man who works with the state's chapter of Moms for Liberty, was convicted of sexually abusing a young teenage boy. The post Mom’s For Liberty Rep Revealed As Black Conservative Man Who Pleaded Guilty To Sexually Abusing Teen Boy appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Livestream Dexter Wade's funeral for the Black man secretly killed and buried by officials in Hinds County, Mississippi. Here's how to watch online. The post Watch Dexter Wade’s’ Funeral: Livestream Service For Black Man Secretly Buried After Mississippi Cop Killed Him appeared first on NewsOne.

Five Black women filed a federal lawsuit against several police chiefs and detectives as well as the local government in Kansas City, Kansas. The post Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Kansas City Cops Accused Of Stalking, Raping And Abusing Black People appeared first on NewsOne.

House Republicans in Texas advanced HB4, dubbed by its critics the “Show Me Your Papers” law, which would allow law enforcement to detain suspected undocumented migrants. The post ‘Show Me Your Papers’: Texas Republicans Advance ‘Stop And Frisk’ Bill For Undocumented Migrants appeared first on NewsOne.

Virginia’s Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee has been melted down, but what does this mean for its racist legacy? The post When Effigies Of Hate Burn: Robert E. Lee Statue Melted Down In Charlottesville appeared first on NewsOne.

Hundreds of Black churches in Florida are teaching their congregations what many schools in the state won't teach students: Black history. The post Black Churches In Florida Are Teaching Non-Whitewashed Black History Since The State Won’t appeared first on NewsOne.

During a campaign speech in New Hampshire, Donald Trump compared himself to Nelson Mandela while denouncing the criminal charges against him. The post Donald Trump Suggests He’s Like Nelson Mandela Trying To Save ‘Democracy’ appeared first on NewsOne.