President Obama is being criticized by the way he bowed to Japan’s Emperor Akihito. Supporters argue, Obama’s bow was an attempt to be culturally appropriate; while critics say it was an embarrassment, and he dishonored the service and sacrifice of Americans who fought against Japan during World War II. Now granted, Emperor Akihito is the […]

WASHINGTON DC – The NAACP called for Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell to resign his post after denying an interracial couple a marriage license. In 1963 the US Supreme Court ended prohibition of marriage due to race in the case of Loving vs. Virginia. Justice Bardwell is in violation of Louisiana’s Judicial Code […]


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Via: Afro.com With the city’s recent approval of 51 speed cameras, drivers now face $40 fines if they don’t slow down. Research gathered from sensors identified the surveyed locations as high speed and accident areas. Until Nov. 1, warnings will be issued to drivers caught above the limit in the selected sites. By that date, all […]