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From HuffingtonPost.com:

Desperate to curtail expected widespread losses this fall, President Barack Obama pleaded with supporters of his 2008 campaign Monday to help elect Democrats as his aides intensified their focus on re-energizing his broad coalition of backers.

“I need your help once more,” the president said in an online video sent to millions of his supporters. “If you help us make sure that first-time voters in 2008 make their voices heard again in November, then together we will deliver on the promise of change, and hope, and prosperity for generations to come.”

The video announcement of what Democrats are calling “Vote 2010” is part of a multi-pronged effort by the Democratic National Committee to re-engage the legions of backers — including first-time voters, young people, blacks, Hispanics, and independents — who propelled Obama to victory in his groundbreaking campaign. That won’t be easy.

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