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Los Angeles, CA (CNS) – Chris Rock‘s documentary “Good Hair” has been given the all clear. A judge has stomped another filmmaker’s bid to prevent the wide release of the actor’s docu-film.

As reported by, U.S. District Court Judge Dale S. Fischer said that she watched both Rock’s film and Regina Kimbell’s 2006 offering “My Nappy Roots” and didn’t see significant similarities. “Good Hair” is now given the clear to go for a wide release.

Kimbell claims Rock copied the concept of his film from her idea. “My Nappy Roots” was named best documentary at the Hollywood Black Film Festival in 2007.

She requested for a preliminary injunction to thwart the limited release of “Good Hair” on October 9. The bid was denied and Rock’s film took $1.7 million in theaters.

She is seeking at least $5 million and wants the comedian and HBO Films to credit her film as the inspiration behind their project.

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