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Since Kamala Harris became the first Black woman vice president in U.S. history, she has mostly stayed in the background of the public eye. She speaks publicly when her job calls for it, of course, but numerous media outlets and folks on social media have noted that she has been pretty low-key since taking office, which hasn’t done much to shield her from public scrutiny regardless.

Still, with her being so silent, relatively, why does she continue to pop up in the minds of white conservatives, who, if we’re being honest, often appear to take issue with any prominent Black woman who won’t serve as a white supremacy vessel like Candace Owens or Condoleeza Rice?

For example, on Thursday, while Harris was somewhere minding her own business, Florida governor and anti-Black anti-wokenator Ron DeSantis was on a campaign stop in Augusta, South Carolina, with Harris’ name in his mouth for no discernable reason whatsoever.

An audience member asked DeSantis if he was concerned about winning his primary in the 2024 presidential race, to which he responded, “‘If we muff this one, and Biden gets in again, heck, you may end up with Kamala as president even.”

“You know, when he picked her for VP, a lot of people were like, ‘Oh my God, why did he do that?’ Because, I mean, obviously she’s got issues,” DeSantis continued. “But you know, I kind of understand why he did it, because like, she’s the best impeachment insurance money can buy. No matter what he does, no one wants Kamala. So that’s kind of where we are with that one.”

First of all, DeSantis really needs to stop calling Vice President Harris by her first name only as if they’re good friends when, in actuality, he clearly has so much contempt for her that he’s arbitrarily bringing her name up just to get a few snickers out of the gaggle of white nationalist Black history-a-phobes that is his constituency.

Secondly, while it’s true that Harris hasn’t been the most popular among appointed officials as of late, we all know that when DeSantis says “no one wants Kamala,” he’s really just talking about conservatives. For whatever reason right-wingers always assume they’re on the side of popular opinion and that they speak for all “real” Americans, which is to say white conservative Americans. I mean, if we excluded political rubes who think critical race theory was formed when white people discovered it in 2020 and was created by the Reverse-Jim Crow Devil himself, one could also say, “No one wants Ron DeSantis to be president.”

Lastly, the reason Biden won’t be impeached has nothing to do with Harris. He won’t be impeached because Republicans can’t legally impeach him just because they don’t like his policies. Donald Trump was impeached the first time because there was enough significant evidence that he might have illegally influenced the 2016 election to impeach him. He was impeached the second time because there was enough significant evidence that he committed treason by inspiring a domestic terrorist attack at the U.S. Capitol by spreading months of voter fraud propaganda with zero evidence to back it. (And if America was run by honest people, that would have been the impeachment that ousted him.)

As far as anyone can tell, Republicans are trying to impeach Biden on the grounds that they just really don’t like that guy. In fact, if there was any legitimate cause to impeach Biden, Republicans should do it because it would be unethical not to, right? Is DeSantis really out here suggesting that his party would shirk its duty to America just because Republicans “don’t want Kamala?” It’s not as if Democrats had some favorable view of Mike Pence that would have them preferring the ex-vice president to Trump. They impeached Trump regardless because it was the right thing to do.

DeSantis and his fellow GOPropagandists, however, are just a bunch of haters. It’s really that simple.


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