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House Republicans Hold News Conference on Biden Adminstration

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As Republicans announce a new plan for the country ahead of the midterm elections, voters may want to take a closer look at what they are promising. According to NPR, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke about the “Commitment to America” during a campaign stop near Pittsburgh.

The plan claims to address four main areas: the economy, individual freedom, safety and government accountability. A read between the lines raises genuine issues often at odds with the values Republicans claim to protect.

Like with much of what Republicans do and say the commitments play a sleight of hand with the facts. For example, the commitment says it will “defend American’s rights under the Constitution including the right of unborn children and their mothers. But standing in the way of bodily autonomy and reproductive justice is not defending people’s rights.

The plan also claims Democrats oppose voter ID. Voting rights advocates have long distinguished between reasonable voter ID requirements and strict requirements implemented under the guise of preventing virtually non-existent fraud.

Another point mentions increasing “accountability” in the electoral process, but Republicans have refused to support efforts to strengthen voting rights. The commitment also feeds into the false narrative that the Department of Justice labeled mild-mannered parents as “domestic terrorists.”

Responding to the increasing threats and harassment directed toward educators, school administrators and school board members, the Justice Department announced that such actions would be investigated and could give rise to law enforcement intervention. Logic follows that if parents feel the Justice Department’s action was directed at them, maybe they should rethink their approach.

Polling shows some Americans are concerned about Republicans regaining control of Congress

A poll released by Navigator found Americans expressed major concerns with Republicans regaining a majority in Congress. The extreme positions may help with riling up the party’s growing MAGA base, but they make Republicans out of step with the majority of Americans. A proposed national abortion ban has very little support from the general public.

Earlier this year, Sen. Rick Scott and other republicans were called out for plans to cut Social Security and Medicare. According to Social Security Works, voters overwhelmingly support Social Security and want Congress to protect the program, not cut it. Polling conducted by Data for Progress in June 2022 found that even expansion for social security benefits was supported by Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

The Navigator surveys also found voters of color were more likely to see Democrats as focusing on the right things. If voters are concerned about Republican control, that will lead to a blowout in the midterms, right? Not so fast. Democrats still need to make their case to the American public.

A national NBC News poll showed Democrats had a slight advantage over their Republican counterparts. But Republicans hold an advantage in terms of the economy. Also, broad feelings about national leadership don’t necessarily translate to state elections.

Groups like the Winning Jobs Narrative suggest Democrats talk more directly about the proposals and efforts on behalf of working people, not simply being anti-Trump or anti-Republican. While Republicans have a perceived edge on the economy, Democrats have put forth an agenda that would uplift millions of Americans. Connecting the dots could go a long way in the upcoming election.

Voting season is underway, with early voting beginning in some states and voters requesting mail ballots.


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