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Sony VR2 headset

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The PlayStation 5 is almost two years old at this point and though many gamers still haven’t been able to purchase a console due to limited quantities, that isn’t keeping Sony from dropping a new VR2 headset in 2023.


According to The Verge, Sony is planning on releasing a new and improved virtual reality headset for those who like to escape reality in the comfort of their own home and don’t mind wearing a headset while doing so. While Sony had been teasing the new VR2 for a minute now, they’ve finally released a little more info on what you can expect when the headset drops in 2023.

Unlike the original PlayStation VR headset, the PS VR2 won’t use a camera connected to your console to track your movements. Instead, it’ll use inside-out tracking, similar to the Quest 2, where cameras on the headset itself are in charge of the motion tracking. This means that the PS VR2 will also be able to let you see your surroundings while you’re wearing the headset. Sony also says that the PlayStation 5 will let you broadcast yourself playing VR games, though you will have to have a PlayStation HD camera connected.

Luckily for those who are looking forward to picking up a set come next year, Sony says they’ll have 20 games ready for play at launch games set in The Walking Dead and Horizon universes and VR versions of No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village. A VR version of Resident Evil Village would be next level, b. We’d probably have to get one of these joints for that alone.

The PlayStation VR2 will feature displays that add up to 4K resolution and can run at 90 or 120Hz, have a 110-degree field of view to get gamers immersed in their virtual reality environment. The orb-shaped controllers that come with the headset will also feature daptive triggers and haptic feedback a la PS5 controllers that PS5 aficionados have grown accustomed to.

No word on when the VR2 will release other than it’ll be in 2023 but unfortunately you will need a PS5 for the headset to function and like we stated earlier, those are still hard to come by in 2022. So good luck with that.

Will you be interested in copping a PlayStation VR2 come 2023? Let us know in the comments section below.

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