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One of the first rules when it comes to sportsmanship is maintaining a honest and fair playing field where all players feel equally respected.

The head volleyball coach for Grambling State University has just been fired for allegedly violating that golden rule following an internal investigation that many believe was sparked by her decision to cut the entire volleyball team upon her hiring back in February, which revoked every existing player’s scholarship.

The termination of Chelsea Lucas comes after the aforementioned controversy where she cut 19 players from the team (seen above), each left struggling to find a replacement university that would accept their now-voided scholarships. Lucas went on to replace those members with other players that came from her old job at the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Ironically enough, her record there was abysmal to say the least after putting up a record losing streak over three seasons as their head volleyball coach.

Take a look below at Lucas’ official response to the whole ordeal, via KSLA:

“Since I started at Grambling, I have been ordered not to speak to the media. My voice has unfortunately been silenced despite the rumors and accusations about me. As a result, I have not been able to provide my side of the story about the many events that have occurred during my tenure as head volleyball coach at Grambling. I was told today, without notice or any opportunity for discussion, that I was being terminated. When I asked why I was being terminated, the administration was not able to provide me any details about why they decided to fire me.

This termination came just days after I had requested and then had a meeting with the President to discuss the way I had been treated in recent weeks by the Athletic Director. The AD, without me knowing in advance, was invited to this meeting with the President. The AD was visibly upset at my complaints during my meeting with the President, and today I was informed that he was the one who recommended my termination. I will be working with my attorney to prepare a response, and believe that my side of this story will demonstrate that what happened to me today was not right or just.”

As Grambling now puts out a nationwide search for a new coach, Lucas is preparing to tell her side of the story in order to vindicate her name. We can only hope that she comes out on the other side of this situation with her respect and dignity intact, especially being a now-unemployed Black woman.

We’re praying for you, sister — if you’re not in the wrong, of course.




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