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The site of a traumatic event can be triggering for everyone, including surviving victims, those left with lost loved ones and the general public that mourned from afar.

The still-shocking Robb Elementary school shooting that left the nation jarred last month is sadly an ongoing pressing issue in the city of Uvalde, Texas. As a result, Mayor Don McLaughlin recently confirmed that the predominately Hispanic primary school will soon be demolished.


During a council meeting held this past Tuesday, McLaughlin made it clear that Robb Elementary is scheduled to be razed, telling attendees per a discussion with the superintendent, “You can never ask a child to go back, or a teacher to go back in that school. Ever.” The decision is said to align with an opinion on the subject expressed by President Joe Biden, who’s also expressed favor for destruction of the school.

More below on McLaughlin’s other issues involving an investigation into the Uvalde Police Department’s delayed response time that potentially cost lives, via NBC News:

“During Tuesday’s council meeting, McLaughlin expressed frustration over difficulties in getting answers from those investigating the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary, as well as the police response, which has been heavily criticized.

With the Texas Rangers, an agency with the Texas Department of Public Safety, leading the investigation, McLaughlin said he was upset that he and other city officials were not getting updates on the probe.”

Many have compared the decision to raze Robb Elementary to a similar ruling in Newtown, Connecticut following the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that resulted in 20 students and six staff members being gunned down during school hours. That building has since been demolished and rebuilt, and it appears the same will happen in Uvalde. Not everyone sees it as a smart decision though, with some finding it a bit skeptical that a crime scene would be destroyed before a full investigation is completed.

Continue to pray for the families of victims in the Robb Elementary school shooting that we all can agree should’ve never occurred.




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