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Vapers of the world are in for a rude awakening soon with the FDA’s new plan to ban the popular Juul e-cigarettes following a two-year investigation.

The Wall Street Journal reports that it all began with vaping companies actually applying for authorization to sell products in the U.S. This led to the FDA looking into data presented by Juul, which had been under fire for years prior due to its marketing tactics that led to underage smoking — flavored tobacco is apparently the new alternative to Sour Powers.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the 2020 investigation that may have lead to the end of Juul and others like them, via WSJ:

“The FDA has been conducting a review of U.S. vaping products, weighing their popularity with young people against their potential benefits as less harmful alternatives for adult cigarette smokers. All U.S. e-cigarette manufacturers in 2020 were required to submit their products for FDA review to stay on the market.

The FDA in 2020 barred the sale of all sweet and fruity e-cigarette cartridges and hasn’t yet allowed any to come back. The agency has cleared the way for Juul’s biggest rivals—Reynolds American Inc. and NJOY Holdings Inc.—to keep tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes on the market. Industry observers had expected Juul to receive similar clearance.

Juul could pursue an appeal through the FDA, challenge the decision in court or file a revised application for its products.”

Interestingly enough, Juul’s popularity in the market has actually declined in recent years. After dominating the market in 2018, the brand is now currently in second place to Vuse. Last year, the company even made a report to employees of a $259 million net loss and an 11% decline in sales to $1.3 billion. Although the FDA’s prime target is nicotine in general, with an ultimate plan that will put a hard hit on the $95 million U.S. cigarette market, it looks like Juul is being both aged out and made an example of. The competition might want to take note.

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