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The era of segregation in America came to a point where a practice known as “separate but equal” brought forth water fountains and even whole restaurants that were labeled as either “whites only” or “Blacks/coloreds only.”

A few students at Colerain High School in Cincinnati thought it would be funny to make a joke at the expense of our nation’s historic issue with prejudice by taping signs over the school’s water fountains that read “Whites only” and “Blacks only.”

Daily Mail was able to obtain a photo of the handwritten signs (seen above), with both including what appears to be a frowning face drawing with x’s over the eyes. The image was uploaded to Snapchat on May 5, and school principal Erin Davis confirmed that two students were later identified as the ones who created it. “As a school community it is our responsibility to make sure that our CHS family uphold and live out these values,” Davis wrote in a letter addressing the incident, also adding, “We will not stand for intolerance of any kind and will discipline any student who participates in displaying intolerant behavior.”

Here’s some more info on how the situation was handled by Colerain High School, via Daily Mail:

“In a separate statement, a Northwest Local School district spokesperson said that the culprits have been ‘issued significant disciplinary actions.’

The spokesperson said that the signs were only up for around 30 seconds while the students took pictures of them. The same students that put the signs up also removed them.

The signs were not seen by members of staff or other students until the photos surfaced online.”

It’s worth noting that Colerain has a student population of 1,730, with 30% being Black and 50% identifying as white according to the U.S. News and World Report. Add to the fact that “race wars” like this one are allegedly common at the school, and we might just have yet another example of why we need to find a common ground when it comes to Critical Race Theory.



Ohio Students Reprimanded For Putting “Whites / Blacks Only” Signs On Water Fountains  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com