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Over the weekend, 13 people were shot with at least four people killed in Baltimore as city violence continues

“This is worse than it was last year and last year was the worst year in Baltimore history and everyone is acting like it’s business as usual,” says former state and federal prosecutor Thiru Vignarajah. He wants to see more urgency from city leaders. “We don’t have a clear prosecutorial strategy; we don’t have the kinds of communication between police and prosecutors that we need,” he says. “None of it is working right now and I think part of what our city leaders need to do is acknowledge that. You need to stand up and say look we don’t have a clear plan. We need some new input. We need some new strategies.”

At a recent community meeting with the mayor and police commissioner, residents have made it clear that the violence is getting out of hand. They’re not happy with leadership and are tired of the violence ripping families and lives apart. More details on the crimes over the weekend are to come. Read more on foxbaltimore

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