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I‘m not sure what a Latino sunken place would look like, but I imagine the Latinos for Trump organization would be its governing body. And the founder of the organization would probably legalize slavery there, because, why not, she already has the whip.

According to The Oxy Moron…sorry, I mean, The Thinking Conservative, Latinos for Trump founder Bianca Gracia, who is a candidate for a Texas Senate seat, responded to a statement Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made about turning Texas blue during a visit to the Lone Star State.

“We’re not gonna flip Texas; we’re gonna whip it back into shape,” she said. “No Democrat candidate wants Joe Biden in the state of Texas, so they sent AOC. Now, AOC, what she should be worried about… she needs to be down at the border talking to the Border Patrol agents about what they’re actually going through.”

Apparently, Gracia is taking the “whip” part very literally as she recently released a campaign ad that gives big “border patrol against Haitians” energy.

“I’m ready to whip Texas back into shape,” Gracia is heard saying while standing in front of men on horseback who look like they’re filming a Tombstone remake nobody asked for.

It appears that Gracia wasn’t confident that her constituents would be able to comprehend her point without a visual aid (either that or she was just trying to fulfill their fantasies of making America a slave nation again) so she proceeded to crack a whip repeatedly while rattling off generic right-winger grievances including “disrespect” of “our soldiers and our veterans—which is hilarious because Donald Trump has time and time again disrespected soldiers and veterans. 

Look, cracking a whip in front of men on horseback might serve as an image that gives white Texans a collective chubby, but it’s clear Gracia doesn’t care much about how Black people in the state might feel about it.

Of course, one shouldn’t expect anything less from this woman.

Lord, these people are weird and obsessed with looking like Hatfields & McCoys cosplayers.

Clearly, Gracia and her Latinos for Trump are ignoring the fact that they look just like the people MAGAts typically want to keep on the other side of that border.

She still might get elected though since Republicans have been on a mission to collect as many conservative Black and brown people as they can find in an effort to look less racist.

It’s not working, but still.


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