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Across The U.S. Voters Flock To The Polls On Election Day

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The presidential election might be over, but now American’s will gear up to hit the ballot for statewide elections. This year, primary elections will be held in several states beginning on Feb. 15 through Feb. 22.

Residents will also have the opportunity to vote for different state and local representatives across various districts of government. Here is what you need to know about those elections. 

Well, what is a  primary election you ask?

A primary election takes place to narrow the field of candidates for a given elective office or to determine the nominees for political parties in advance of a general election. Primary elections can take several different forms. In a partisan primary, for example, voters select a candidate to be a political party’s nominee for a given office in the corresponding general election. Nonpartisan primaries are conducted to select candidates for nonpartisan offices ahead of the general election. 

Winners are usually determined by the majority vote. A candidate must receive more than 50 votes to be considered.

Now, what happens if either candidate does not receive enough votes? Normally, the top two candidates will then head to a runoff election in the spring. The winner would then advance to the general election.

Wondering when you can place your vote this year? Here is a list of states that will be having elections this week. 

Remember, if you can’t place your vote in person, you may be eligible to mail in an absentee ballot depending on your state’s guidelines. Check out state polling times and protocols here.

California – Feb. 15, 2022

San Francisco Special Municipal Election

Special Primary Election for California State Assembly District 49

Special Primary Election for California State Assembly District 17


Candidates For State Assembly District 17

David Campos (D)

Thea Selby (D)

Matt Haney (D)

Bilal Mahood (D)

Candidates For State Assembly District 49

Mike Fong (D)

Burton Brink (R)


Nebraska – Feb. 15, 2022

Giltner School Board Recall Election

Alvo Village Board Recall Election


What is a School Board recall?School board recalls are the process of removing a member or members of a school board from office through a petitioned election. 

Why is there a recall in Nebraska? – Residents of the Glitner school district in Nebraska are holding a recall against four school members in February. Voters will have the option to cast their vote in favor or against the recall. 

One school board member who has faced an onslaught of criticism is Chris Waddle. According to BallotPedia, a Glitner resident by the name of Jamie Bendorf launched the recall effort citing multiple complaints from parents within the district. Bendorf claimed in a statement that Waddle “did not hold the best interest of the patrons in the Giltner School District.”

Bernof continued: ”What concerns me the most is hearing about families who have left due to administration dismissing concerns, current GPS parents that are looking at other options for schooling out of the district, or even worse the fact they are regretting sending their child or children here.”

To place the recall on the ballot, supporters were required to obtain 119 signatures in favor of the move from district residents.

New York – Feb. 15, 2022 

New York State Assembly District Special Election For NY HD72  

New York State Assembly District 60 Special Election for NY HD60


Why is this election happening? 

Former Assembly Member Carmen De La Rosa has resigned from this seat. This special election will be held to fill the former Assembly woman’s position. Similarly, the New York State Assembly District 60 is currently vacant. The position was last held by Democrat Charles Barron.

What does the New York State Assembly do?

According to NYC Votes, the State Assembly is considered the lower chamber of the State Legislature. Assembly members are responsible for writing and voting on legislation, approving state budgets, and upholding or overriding the Governors’ vetoes. There are 150 members in the assembly. 

What neighborhoods are affected by this election?

District 72 includes parts of Washington Heights, Hudson Heights, Fort George, and Marble Hill in Manhattan. District 60 includes parts of East New York and Starrett City in Brooklyn.


Candidates For District 72

Manny De Los Santos (D)

Edwin De La Cruz (R)

Nayma Silver-Matos (Uptown Rises)

Candidates For District 60

Nikki Lucas (D)

Marvin J. King (R)

Keron Alleyne (Working Families)


Wisconsin – Feb. 22, 2022

Wisconsin Spring Primary


Matt Loup 

Rebecca Van Ess

Robynn Selle

Sam LaMuro

Dale Prisk

Christopher J. Rogers


Milwaukee’s Mayoral Primary 

Milwaukee’s mayoral primary will be held on Feb 15 and the top two candidates will move on to the general election on April 5. The winner will serve out the rest of Tom Barrett’s term, which will run through 2024. Four of the seven candidates running for mayor are Black, including acting mayor Cavalier Johnson. If a Black candidate were to win the general election in April, they would become the second Black mayor in the city’s history. 


Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson

Former Alderman Bob Donovan

Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic

State Sen. Lena Taylor

Sheriff Earnell Lucas

Leshuh Griffin

Michael Sampson


Connecticut – Feb. 22, 2022

Special Election For Connecticut House of Representatives District 71


The election for the 71st District in the House of Representatives seeks to replace Anthony J. D’Amelio, who resigned on Dec. 31, 2021. The district provides representation to Middlebury and a portion of Waterbury.


Jacksonville, Florida – Feb. 22, 2022

Special General Election Runoff for Jacksonville City Council At-large Position 3


Why is this election happening?

On Dec. 7, 2021, a special election was held for the at-large Group 3 seat on the city council. Now the two candidates who received the most votes are going head to head in a runoff election for the position.


What is the At-large Group 3 seat? 

An at-large seat refers to members of a governing body that are elected to represent a whole population or membership. In this case, Democrat Tracye Polson and Republican Nick Howland are facing off to fill the seat of former Jacksonville Mayor Tommy Hazouri, who passed away in September 2021. He had nearly two years left in his term as an at-large 3 council member before his passing. notes that the late politician served as a member of the city council from 2015 until his untimely death. 



Tracye Polson (D)

Nick Howland (R)


Kentucky- Feb. 22, 2022

Kentucky House of Representatives District 42 (Special general election)


Why is this election Happening?

The Kentucky House of Representatives District 42 seat is currently vacant. It was last held by Democrat Reginald Meeks.


Keturah Herron (D)

Judy Stallard (R)


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