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The principal and a cafeteria worker at an elementary school in Ohio have lost their jobs a couple of months after they apparently lost their damn minds and made a 9-year-old Black girl eat food out of a garbage can after she had thrown it away. A lawyer for the girl’s parents said that were it not for a surveillance video capturing the incident, it might have been the girl’s word against theirs.

According to Fox 8, the incident took place in November of last year at Palm Elementary School, which is in the Lorain City School District, but the video was just released by the district Wednesday for the family to view.

“What we see is a student finish with her lunch…again, a student finish with her lunch and she goes to throw the lunch away like hundreds and thousands of students across the country do every day,” Jared Klebanow, an attorney who is representing the unnamed student’s family in a federal lawsuit filed behind the incident. “We see in the video, this monitor, the named defendant, go ahead and grab the waffle out of the garbage and she appears to instruct the student to go get a paper towel, go back to her seat.”

The whole thing reportedly started because the girl didn’t want to eat the waffles she was given so she threw them in the trash. So this wasn’t even like when your parents used to sit you at the dinner table and refuse to let you leave until you finished all of your vegetables. This sh** was over waffles. But even if one were to throw their vegetables away without permission, there likely isn’t a Black home in America where parents are scooping peas and carrots out of the trash and forcing their children to eat them—because that’s just nasty AF.

Anyway, Klebanow continued giving Fox 8 the play-by-play on the humiliating incident at the school.

“She places the waffle at the table and then for a matter of minutes is talking with her, instructing her, as we know from the victim’s standpoint, that she needs to eat this waffle that was in the garbage and the monitor goes as far as to sit right next to her, as is alleged in the complaint, and intimidate her into doing so,” he said.

I mean, wtf? Did the cafeteria worker make the waffles herself and then get all salty because the Black girl thought her waffle game was trash? Who else wants to place a bet that she gave the girl the “people in Africa are starving and would love my waffles” speech?

Investigators found that “the student threw away a packaged food item, and the employee removed it, wiped it off, gave it back to the girl, who opened it and ate it,” Fox 8 reported. Not only was the cafeteria monitor fired, but the principal caught a pink slip as well for knowing about the incident and doing nothing about it.

“It certainly solidifies the student’s story and you know, unfortunately, in our world and society today, had that video not been there, it might have just been a child’s word against a teacher, an administrator, which is a tough spot to be in,” Klebanow said.


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