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Television Talk Show Host Wendy Williams has been blogged about doing some pretty unusual things she has done on her show the past year and half or so.  Everything from farting on set, forgetting things, looking lost, getting checked, about her facts in stories, you name it bloggers have been all over it.  However her recent stunt has folks upset and as well they should be.  During Wendy’s hot topics she decided to make TikTok star, Matima “Swavy” Miller, a topic when she said “I have no idea who this is,” … “Neither does Norman. Neither does one person in this building.” then she went on to say that he had more followers then her etc, etc.  What’s wrong with her saying this?  Wendy Williams had all this all to say just to segue that Swavy had been murdered.

The piece of the segment went viral on Twitter and 19 year old Swavy and now his family is demanding an apology for Wendy Williams lack of empathy as well as being hateful.

“Look at my eyes and stuff. Y’all, like as a mother, Wendy Williams, how dare you? So disrespectful. I used to watch you as a child and even though you have a gossip show and all that, you didn’t even know my son,”

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