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Protest after killing of Andrew Brown Jr. in North Carolina

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

The police shooting incident which left Black North Carolina man Andrew Brown Jr. dead has raised tensions across the state, leading to a heinous act from authorities sworn to protect citizens. A Black councilman in the state has video footage of a police officer urinating on his funeral home property after speaking out against police who shot and killed Brown.

As reported by local publication The Herald, Councilman Gabriel Adkins says that he has surveillance video footage of Pasquotank County deputy relieving himself at his funeral home property and alleges that the act was in retaliation for his outspoken views regarding the April shooting of Brown.

It isn’t immediately clear from the report if it was one or more deputies who took turns over the past weekend urinating on the lawn of the funeral home, but Adkins is clear in saying that he thinks the acts are premeditated attacks against him.

“Since this case with Andrew Brown, I’ve been out protesting,” Adkins said to The News & Observer, another local publication, on Monday. “I really feel like they are retaliating back against me. Maybe they didn’t know I had surveillance, but it’s a funeral home.”

Adkins also adds to claims that Pasquotank County deputies who previously provided escort support for funeral services are no longer taking his requests.

“I’m just getting real worried I might be the next target, or they’re trying to set me up,” Adkins said. “On top of it being a crime.”

Adkins told the publication that he intends to look into legal representation.

The video of the incident in question that Councilman Adkins has called out can be seen below.

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