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It happened.

I was binge watching The Wire with a cup of coffee and a huge bowl of Frosted Flakes. Just as DeAndre Barksdale’s mom convinced him to get back into the game, I heard what sounded like a big truck right outside the window. It wasn’t just any “big truck” though; it was the trash truck.

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Over the weekend, I wrote about the sanitation issues we were having on the East side. A coronavirus outbreak caused our local sanitation plant to shut down. The workers that were brought in to help out with the trash that was piling up also refused to work out of fear that they may contract the virus.

I have no clue who those guys were that picked up my trash this morning. Couldn’t tell you whether they were from the city or if they were brought in by the city, but I can tell you that I’m grateful for their work. Thanks, fam.

To my east side neighbors concerned about their trash, hopefully yours has been picked up as well. If not, I imagine it could happen soon. The DPW shared that they “began mobilizing other sanitation crews within the Bureau of Solid Waste”. Per CBS Baltimore, employees on leave and staff from other bureaus were called in to help out. “Permission leave was revoked and workers have returned in sufficient numbers to address to [the] trash collection backlog,” the department states.

See their full news release here.

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