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Residents in four Baltimore neighborhoods can now “Wash and Learn” through a new program that brings books and technology into a laundromat.

The Enoch Pratt Library knows that when you are at the laundromat you are virtually a “captive” audience, so they wanted to help people make better use of that downtime with hopes of bridging the digital divide for families who may not have internet access.

Heidi Daniel, the president and CEO of Enoch Pratt Library says that “these stations here in the laundromat will have computers and tablets with specially curated databases and education portals for all ages. Tablets will include coding games, literacy apps and bilingual experiences just for children.”

The “Wash and Learn” program is a partnership between the Pratt Library and Libraries Without Borders. Two of the locations will have a librarian 10 hours a week to help with things like setting up an email or applying for jobs. They will also teach classes on technology.

Here are the four locations throughout Baltimore:

  • HIPP Laundromat. 3101 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21224 (Programmed Site)
  • Laundry City. 3421 Frederick Ave, Baltimore, MD 21229 (Programmed site)
  • Sudsville Laundromat. 3921 Erdman Ave, Baltimore, MD 21213 (Independent Learning Location)
  • Sudsville Laundromat. 7001 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215 (Independent Learning Location)

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