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In one of the many revelations in Omarosa‘s new book — and by revelations, we mean things we already knew but  was somehow deaf, dumb and blind to — she said Donald Trump is a racist. “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House” also claims there is a tape of Trump using the N-word. But out of all the mixtapes the reality star has dropped, of course she doesn’t have the one tape where Trump is actually using the racial slur.

That said, whenever Trump is called a racist is when Ben Carson is actually called upon to do the job he was actually hired to do. Yeah, you might think his job is secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), but apparently it’s actually being Trump’s bobble head who defends 45 at any cost.

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While talking to Fox News radio (yes, the propaganda network actually has a radio station), Carson was asked about the claims that Trump is a racist. Sunken place Carson did a quick tap dance (not really, but it would be a rightful assumption) and babbled.

“No, none of my interactions with him would even remotely reflect that,” he said. “And not only that, look at what’s happening, you know, with unemployment particularly in the Black community.”

Carson then went even further to spit out some lies.

“You look at the opportunities , look at what we are doing by creating the EnVision Centers and things that bring all of these resources to get people out of poverty,” he said. “That doesn’t sound like something a racist would do. A racist would be somebody who would be patting people on the head saying there, there you poor little thing, I’ll take care of you, you just stay over there and make sure you vote to me. That would seem to be much more racist to me.”

EnVision Centers, which we have yet to see if they are successful, are pointless if rents are tripled on people in subsidized housing. Furthermore, it has been constantly debunked that Trump has nothing to do with Black unemployment, which has actually stalled in growth since he became president.

But in case Carson forgot, here are just a handful of receipts of Trump’s being a racist: housing discrimination lawsuits from the 1970s; the racist birther movement against Barack Obama; the Muslim travel ban; the Central Park Five (Trump called for the execution of five Black teenagers with a full page ad in the New York Times in 1989); saying a judge of Mexican heritage could not do his job because he is Mexican; and constantly attacking Black public figures (Jay ZMaxine WatersJemele HillColin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Don Lemon, etc.) while ignoring white critics like Eminem. Also, Trump’s own father was arrested at a KKK rally in 1927. Racism is in the man’s blood.

Carson needs to take some time off from licking Trump’s boots and read the Bible he allegedly loves. Jesus did not sit with the oppressor, those who were divisive or full of dissent. That is Trump in an orange nutshell.

Not very Christ-like, Dr. Carson.


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