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On the evening of June 19, a manager at Bahama Breeze in Orange Village, a Cleveland suburb, called the police on 40 members of Delta Sigma Theta who were eating at the restaurant. According to USA Today, the manager claimed the women were “worked up about the bill” and refusing to pay. He accused them of being disrespectful and using profanity. Police arrived, no arrests were made, but the manager wanted police to stay until all the Delta members, who were sitting at different tables, paid.

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One of the women, Chante Spencer, said she and the group, including a judge, doctor and other educators, were singled out because of their skin color and they never “threatened to leave without paying.”

A press release from Delta Sigma Theta read, “It is a chilling reminder that no African American is exempt from the impact of racial profiling when a group of professional women, known for their service and advocacy, are victims. As an African-American woman and a member of Delta Sigma Theta, I am appalled that this occurred in the district I represent and will not be silent.”

After the incident went viral in the news, the restaurant was protested, see below:

Last night, Bahama Breeze revealed on Twitter that the manager has been fired, writing, “The manager involved no longer works for us because they mistreated a guest, which is inconsistent with our values.” See below::

Kudos to Bahama Breeze for quickly firing the manager. People need to know this type of behavior will not result in a slap on the wrist. Furthermore, if you can’t handle an uncomfortable moment and will quickly dial 911, then you clearly should not be in the service industry.


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