On January 26, in Milwaukee, NBA player Sterling Brown, then 22, was attacked by several police officers over a parking violation in a Walgreens lot. He reportedly parked his car across handicapped spaces, but the police assaulted and tased him, clearly escalating the situation. After a graphic video of his arrest was released in May, three of the officers involved were suspended for 15 days over the incident.

Now Sterling Brown is fighting back.

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According to TMZ, Brown has filed a lawsuit. He is suing the city of Milwaukee, Police Chief Alfonso Morales and eight officers. The lawsuit alleges excessive force and unlawful arrest, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. No word on what Brown is asking for, but more than likely it will be financial compensation—and considering the amount of video evidence, Milwaukee may have to pay Brown a huge sum.

In one of the videos, according to WISN.com, an officer is focused on his overtime, saying, “Can you let the lieut know I need to go on the overtime board if I’m not already?” He then started to sing “money money.”

The Milwaukee Police Department did not comment on that particular video.

When the arrest went viral, Brown, who is now 23, told Good Morning America“The video shows no justice at what really happened. Like, it’s a body-cam, it’s close, you can hear me screaming or what-not. But anybody who’s been in that position knows how … how dirty it can get. So it’s … it’s tough every time I watch it.”


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