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ABlack Texas mother is demanding to know why the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department sent deputies to serve a warrant on her son who was killed in February 2017 by a police officer.

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Dee Crane told the Associated Press on Wednesday (May 30) that the deputies showed up earlier this month at her mother’s home to serve her dead son, Tavis Crane. It upset the family “all over again,” Crane said, adding that “this was not a mistake.”

Crane filed a harassment complaint against the sheriff’s office on Wednesday. The Next Generation Action Network, a civil rights group, posted a video on Twitter, which was later taken down, of her demanding answers from the sheriff’s department.

“You don’t have a system in place to know that a man is dead—especially when he has been killed by the hands of police?” she asked.

The sheriff’s department just shrugged off the incident. “It’s not our standard practice to check the death records if there are multiple active warrants out for somebody,” Tarrant County Sheriff’s office spokesman David McClelland stated, according to the Associated Press.

Still, Crane’s name should have rung a bell because the killing was not a minor incident.

A white Arlington police officer, Craig Roper, shot and killed Crane, 23, after he allegedly ran over another officer during an attempted traffic stop. Authorities maintained that the shooting was justified.

However, passengers inside Crane’s vehicle had a different version. Roper entered the vehicle through a rear passenger door when Crane refused to exit and began shooting at him when he tried to drive away from the scene, they said.

The case never came to trial because a grand jury declined in August to indict Roper.


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