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bennie jones

Source: Bennie Jones

This month, we’re honoring Baltimore History makers with much thanks and recognition. Today’s spotlight is on Bennie Jones, CEO of JonesHouse Entertainment.

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Bennie, who uses his love for music and the arts to provide a platform for local artists to work on their craft, is also the director of James McHenry Rec Center where he inspires young people to use their talents and educated them on industry information.

Here’s what his peers are saying:

“On a personal level he has changed my life. His perspective on life is amazing and he is so driven to change the world. I encourage every one to just have a conversation with him. His moral support is exceptional. It’s so much I can say. He deserves it. Period.”

“He pays for community activities. He helps people get their GED. He personally funded the dreams of some people I know. He is a role model.”

“This young man has started an entertainment company to help artists live out there creative dreams. He himself is an artist who decided to put his dream on hold to help others with theirs. He also goes above and beyond his duties to advocate and nurture the youth who attend [the rec center he works at]. He is a positive young man who was raised right here in the projects of Baltimore doing the work others choose not to. Our young black men don’t always get recognized for the great things they do so I nominate Mr. Jones because is a glimmer of hope for those who may have none.”

Radio One – Baltimore thanks you, Bennie Jones!

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